the beauty collective | april 2013

May 2nd, 2013

Seven remarkable women volunteered to be a part of this Beauty Collective. They came to Taylors Falls with seven different and incredible stories. Seven sets of fears. Seven faces. Seven cars and seven bodies and seven beautiful hearts.

These women are all beautiful. They are all flawed and imperfect. They are all funny and unique and special. These women are real. They are you and me. Your mothers and sisters and best friends, and strangers behind you in line at Target. They are faces in a crowd. Commuters. Worker bees. Dreamers. Lovers. They are each and every one of us. And they are remarkable.

So, let us revel in their beauty. In their flawed perfection. In their exquisite and profound beauty.

If only for a moment.

And let us allow that moment to last a lifetime.

To the ladies in these photographs, thank you. For giving yourselves over to this project. For showing me your insecurities, for trusting me with them, and with your beauty, and for your vulnerability. You’re all so wonderful, and my life is richer because each and every one of you wonderful girls are a part of it.

If you’d like to know more about the Beauty Collective, please read this post. And if you’re a photographer and would like to set up your own Collective, please contact me.




casting call | the beauty collective

April 9th, 2013

Today is one of those days when it seems like winter will never end. I’m starting to worry that the wind will never again be filled with the sound of birds or the delicate scent of wildflowers and that we’ll never see the beauty that is a Midwest Summer. But instead of throwing my hands up in defeat, and accepting the seeming permanence of the ugly landscape, I’m channeling a different kind of beauty. The kind that is the absolute essence of every woman.

Raw.  Real.  Powerful.  Exquisite.

Today, as the threat of snow lingers in the cold spring air, I’m remembering the past two Beauty Collectives. I’m reminiscing about the amazing women who opened themselves up, not only to my camera, but to themselves, and I’m missing every single one of their faces and every last ounce of their hearts.

Which means …….. it’s time for another Collective! I’m doing things a little differently for this session, though. I’m going rogue. AWOL. I’m leaving the construct of former Beauty Collectives. Okay, not really. But sort of. For this Collective, I will be processing the images in color instead of black and white. But this is the only change,  I promise! If you’re interested in being a part of this Collective, please contact me. But before you do, please bear in mind that the requirement to be a part of the Collective is a willingness to be open and a commitment to love yourself, in all of your flawed perfection (amd you must also, of course, be willing to be photographed).  I ask that you come to the shoot prepared to be vulnerable, and above all else, promise to see yourself  – and maybe even each other – in an entirely new light.

It will be scary.
It will be difficult.
But it will be worth it.

I have 8 spots available for this Collective, and the shoot will take place, weather permitting, in the afternoon on Saturday, April 27th, in the Twin Cities metro area. (Update: This Beauty Collective is full – and am so honored to have so many women interested and willing to be a part of this project! Keep your eyes peeled for another Collective later this summer!)

You’re beautiful, and I can’t wait to meet you!



beauty collective | fall 2012

November 26th, 2012

The women in these photographs are exquisite. Remarkable. Brave. Strong. These women are you. Me. The woman behind the register at Target. Your best friend’s cousin. Your sister. A stranger you pass in the library. But most importantly, just like the rest of us, they are beautiful women struggling to overlook their imperfections and insecurities.

And they are the faces behind the  most recent installment of the Beauty Collective.

To learn more about the Beauty Collective – and the meaning and message behind it- Please read this post. If you’re a photographer interested in shooting your own Collective, please contact me!

To the women in this Collective: Brooke, Nadia, Kari, Tina, Lara, Terra, Annika, and Rachael – Thank you. For being a part of this project of mine . This Collective is so dear to my heart and I’m honored that you wanted to participate in it. You are all amazing women and I hope that in these images you are able to see your true selves -and that you find a deeper appreciation for all of the unique and wonderful things that make each of you so beautifully you.