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Photographer. Art Director. Whisky-er. Calligrapher. Motorbiker. Do-it-all-er. 

I am a perpetual optimist and wannabe comedienne. I sing slightly off-key and have been known to grab a mic so I can “Shoop.” I like to draw and tell stories to the wombfruits and cook and put fresh flowers in pretty vases. I like to dance to records and get lost in literature. I drink whiskey out of a flask and am addicted to tattoos. I’m not your average photographer – but then again, I’m not your average anything. Chances are, neither are you. Which is why you’re here.

photographer. dreamer. do-it-all-er.

I believe wholeheartedly in living a life less ordinary. In chasing after dreams with wild and ferocious abandon. I believe that life isn’t very pretty at times but it is always remarkably beautiful. I believe that being a photographer (documenting people and love and stories and life) isn’t about perfection or planning or poses. It’s not about curating or fabricating a perfect narrative – but rather documenting perfectly, profoundly, poignantly, the one that is happening right in front of me. It’s about you. It’s about your life – real, authentic, uninhibited – being lived out loud in front of my lens. It’s about telling your story and creating images that matter. It’s about kindness and grace and spontaneity and humor. It’s about love, and laughter and scrunched up noses and hugs that linger. It’s the messy and mundane stuff that matters. It’s everything unplanned and spontaneous. The truest beauty – the heart of your story – exists not only in what we see. But in everything we feel.

My heart – and my camera – would be honored to document it for you.                                                       

I’m currently booking 2016 + 2017 – and would be thrilled to document your story.
Wedding collections from $4000. Portraits from $500.
Commercial/Editorial Projects by request.

Contact me for more detailed pricing, availability, and travel information.