I could tell you how I love the smell of summer rain and a good pinot noir. I could tell you how I’m not your typical photographer, that I happen to prefer the term “Visual Storyteller,” but I’m not going to tell you those things. Instead, I’m going to share the truth about who I am because of my camera.

My name is Athena. I’m just a girl who, like most dreamers, tends to see best with my eyes closed. I am a storyteller, a hopeless romantic, and a perpetual optimist. I love vintage polaroids and if we meet in real life I’d love to take one of you. I’m crazy proud of my ability to sing ever-so-slightly off key, and if tattoos were free, I’d be covered in them. 

i am athena

I believe in many things; love, family, story. I believe in kindness. I believe in light and laughter. I believe wholeheartedly in living a life less ordinary. I believe that inspiration exists everywhere but it most often calls to me through fashion and forests and whimsy and wind. I believe that life isn’t very pretty at times but it is always remarkably beautiful. I believe in telling stories and making images that matter. But most importantly, I believe that being a photographer (documenting people and love and stories and life) isn’t about perfection or planning or poses. It’s the messy and mundane stuff that matters. It’s everything unplanned and spontaneous. A million little bits and pieces strung together to create a whole.

It’s your life – real, authentic, uninhibited – being lived out loud in front of my lens. So this isn’t really about me at all. In fact, these are your stories. Your images. Your life.

This is all about you.


                                                                                  (photo by jen woodruff)

I’m currently booking 2014 – and would be thrilled to document your story.
Wedding collections from $3500, portraits from $500. Contact me for more detailed pricing information.