Jen Frisbie + the prettiest baby shower ever.

May 29th, 2012

I am a portrait photographer – I photograph people.  They are what I know. People are what stirs my heart and inspires me to the depths of my soul. But every once in awhile an opportunity comes along and offers me the chance to do something different. Something I never imagined myself doing. Something…..that I just can’t pass up. Last Saturday was just such an occasion. I got an email earlier last week from my bestie (and wedding planner extraordinaire) Nadia asking if I would consider shooting a baby shower. Wait, what? Um…huh? A baby shower? Exactly.

Nadia informed me that an amazing newlywed couple were putting on a “Greet-The-Baby Shower” (a tradition in their native Jakarta) to introduce their very new, very beautiful,baby girl. In another awesome twist of fate, Nadia’s favorite florist (and friend) was tasked with designing the event. Jen Frisbie of Inspire, Inc put together literally the most amazing baby shower I have ever seen. fReal. You guys. It was so pretty I wanted to ask it be friends with me and hang out later, maybe watch some Gossip Girl and paint our toenails pretty colors.  But I digress….

Jen specializes in floral arrangements and design (including super chic brooch bouquets!) as well as creative set up and personalized details/design for any event, and at Saturday’s event, Jen’s talent shined. Times a gagillion. From the delicate pink peonies that exactly matched the custom painted canvas, to the candy bar festooned with treats (courtesy of Cocoa and Fig) in super subtle shades of pink and grey, Jen’s talent, skill, and design aesthetic completely blew me away.

Thank you to Jen, Johannes and Macy, and Cocoa and Fig for creating this amazing event, and for allowing me to document it.


Kristin+dave’s West End Wedding

May 16th, 2012

Kristin+Dave are the kind of people you feel like you’ve known forever. They have an ease about them – a warmth that is inviting. They are funny. Sarcastic. Witty. Quick to tell (and take) a joke. They are exactly my kind of people. I had the most amazing time with them last Saturday at their wedding in Minneapolis’ West End neighborhood. So. Much. Fun. Kristin and her bridesmaids are some of the most fun girls I’ve had the pleasure of spending a Saturday with, and I wish this day would have lasted forever. It started in a hip downtown salon (Jungle Red), and after a church ceremony (and a quick stop at a pub for a pint) we ended the evening in a lovely hotel ballroom beautifully and painstakingly designed and decorated by A Fine Fete Events. Kristin and Dave’s wedding day was filled with light, full of laughter, and overflowing with love.


Bianca+Ziad: Minneapolis Mill District Engagement

May 7th, 2012

Bianca and Ziad were friends for years. Until one day, they weren’t anymore. One day they were falling in love with each other instead. Completely accidental serendipitous love. Finding themselves unable to be without the other and drawn ever closer – their lives became more and more intertwined until these two became one. Ziad is hilarious, and his love for Bianca is remarkable. It’s written all over his face each time he gazes in her azure eyes, her dark locks blowing in waves across her face. Bianca is one of those girls: The pretty ones that from every angle just radiate beauty. It’s not just the kind of beauty that you see…but the kind that you feel. The kind that hides behind the eyes and in the corners of a smile. The kind of beauty that is everywhere and in everything all at once. Her easy laugh and grace have completely stolen Ziad’s heart, and after spending last Monday evening with them in Minneapolis’ Historic Mill District, it’s easy to see why. Why these two can’t hear anything else when they are together. Why they can’t stop smiling when their eyes meet. And why they are exactly perfect for one another.

Here are few of my favorites…