prelude: amie+dan

March 30th, 2012

and it’s ever present everywhere

.                                                                                                                                                                        that warm love.


Captain’s Log-Stardate: 3/10/2012

March 26th, 2012

Each of us have a unique family dynamic. A story, a past, a history that is our own – storied and deep rooted. I suppose I am no different. But my family dynamic runs wide, rather than deep. I have the family I was born into, the family that became mine when I married, the family that has always loved me, and been loved, as though I’ve known them my whole life, though no blood flows common among us. And then there is my step-family; my step-father and his two children and their families. When he and my mother became a pair in 2004, I finally gained a real-live sister in his daughter, Gwen. We’ve spent the better part of these past years getting to know each other – settling in for talks at family gatherings. And though we don’t spend much time together outside of birthdays and Christmas, and other such events that are festooned with wrapping paper, cake, and bows, I feel as though I’ve known her my whole life. As though no words need be spoken for her to know just how much I completely adore her, and her beautiful family. Because she knows. Always has. Always will.

Two weeks ago, Gwen delivered her second son, Ryker (a nod to his parent’s love of all things Star Trek).  He came early , as Gwen’s pregnancy was wrought with complications and frustration, and after two weeks in the NICU-in which Ryker showed us exactly why captains are born, and not made-he is finally home.

He is perfect.

He is absolutely, blissfully, new-baby-fresh-milk-smell perfect.

Here are some shots from my morning with this amazing family -my sister’s amazing family-in shades of black and white. Because today, love feels like history. Like black and white. Light and shadow. Love feels like this:


A Sunrise Session & Chasing Dreams: Jenni + Kyle

March 19th, 2012

It’s 70 degrees in Minnesota. In March. MARCH! Most years we’re still covered under a thick blanket of white – the sun warming the earth to a mild 40, and, if we’re lucky, a warm, southerly breeze. But 70 degrees is unheard of. I, like many of my Minnesconsin brethren, have been trying my hardest to soak in as much vitamin D as I possibly can….chances are by next week it’ll be below freezing and threatening to snow. That said, on Wednesday afternoon I decided to take Thursday off work – A respite from the cube farm and a chance to surprise my girls with a Family Fun Day. Outside! Moments after my time-off request was approved I got the itch to shoot a sunrise session. To finally make it happen. You see, every weekday morning I drive to work through the prettiest light, and I always, always wish I had someone to shoot. I wish I could pull the car over and squeal in the golden, morning goodness and click my shutter over, and over, and over again. On Wednesday afternoon I got sick of wishing. After all, dreams don’t come true simply because you sit around and dream them – you have to chase them. Take chances and leap. You have to go….do.

I put a call out to my friends – A cry for someone who was willing to be up at the crack-of-dawn and in front of my lens. My new photog friend Jenni and her husband Kyle volunteered just as I thought my last-minutedness would foil my less-than-best laid plans, and I am crazy thankful to them. They. Are. Stunning! Jenni’s fiery red hair and Kyle’s ability to proved to be exactly what I needed that warm, summer like morning. Exactly what I had envisioned.

And then some. Here are a few of my favorites from our shoot:

Cheers to crossing wishes of lists, to basking in golden sunlight, to falling in love-again-and to new friends.