fall foxes | an editorial bridal shoot + musings on fashion and following your dreams

November 10th, 2014

TearSheetCover If you know me (or follow me on instagram), then you know that I have a ridiculous love for fashion and styling. Though it’s only really come out – via social media – this past year, I’ve loved and admired fashion and design since I was a little girl. Throughout most of my life I thought I’d end up at Parsons or FIDM and live the life of a designer in New York. Somehow that was railroaded (by a boy) and I never really got back on track. Until now. Though my aspirations have changed – from fashion designer  to styling, design, and merchandising – the passion still runs to my core. I can feel it in my belly, the warmth rising, fueling me, driving me, pushing me to do more. So naturally, I married my two passions together and produced and designed an editorial bridal fashion shoot. I wanted to stretch my wings as a photographer, and break into the editorial market. With the help of an insane list of talented creatives (full credit below!), we made my dream into a reality. If I’ve learned anything in my lifetime, it’s that you have to be brave enough to go after what you want. There are so many people ready and able to tell you no or can’t or don’t, that it’s truly imperative that you become a voice of “yes” for yourself. Don’t wait for permission. Don’t wait for approval or applause. Do the thing that makes you come alive. As much and as often as you can. Because if you don’t burn, where will the light come from? Be brave enough to follow your voice and realize your visions. It’s amazing how remarkable we each are, if only we allow ourselves the space and the freedom to simply try. Blog1 Blog2 Blog3 Blog4 Blog5 Blog6 Blog7 Blog8 Blog9 Blog10 Blog11 Blog12 Blog13 Blog14 Blog15 Blog16 Blog17 Blog18

This shoot turned out better than I could have ever imagined, and now that’s it’s over, I find myself wanting more. So much more. If you’re a model and in need of photos, contact me and let’s get something set up. If you’re an editor or stylist or art director and are in need of editorial work (from concept through production, or simply need to hire a photographer) contact me and let’s make magic. And if you’re anyone who wants fashion pointers, tips, advice, help, etc. contact me. I’d love to help you find your style.

A million thanks to my amazing and insanely talented team of creatives:

Production, Styling, Photography: Athena Pelton
Models: Abby Fischer + Laina Kaskinen, Caryn Model Management
Hair + Makeup: Amber Heckert
Floral: Studio Fluerette
Rentals: On Solid Ground Vintage Rentals
Jewelry: Mineralogy
Gowns: Leanne Marshall, Linyage, Anna Campbell, Rue De Seine, and Elizabeth Dye (three gowns sourced from the impeccable A and Be Bridal, Minneapolis)
(Fax)Fur: Brown, Target. Black, Photographer’s own, vintage collection.
Masks: Annie Libertini


family is walks through the forest and snacks on blankets in fields as the sun goes down. family is aaron + kari and their two beautiful girls. family is this:

October 3rd, 2014

Jensen2014051 copyKari is a darling and dear friend of mine, who happens to be an incredible photographer herself, and one of the kindest, gentlest, and most genuine souls I know. Whenever I need her, without batting an eye she’s at my door, kids in tow and a smile on her face. Our busy lives don’t intersect nearly as often as I’d like, but on a perfect summer evening, two weeks ago with my girls in tow, we spent the last bit of daylight walking around our favorite path, through the last golden hours of summer. We laughed. We shivered. We swatted bugs and caught frogs and I made images of her lovely and beautiful and magnetic family. Here are a few of my favorites.

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barefoot magic | a rural minnesconsin wedding along the cliffs of the saint croix river | rhiannon + aaron

July 6th, 2014

I’ve spent the better part of a week trying to figure out how to word this blog post. How best to string adjectives and metaphors together to describe exactly what Aaron + Rhiannon’s wedding was. I could tell you that it was filled to bursting with love and magic and joy and wonder. It was. I could tell you how radiant Rhiannon looked in her one-of-a-kind custom wedding dress, and how dapper Aaron was in his tweed suit. They were. I could tell you about the heat and the barefoot dress code, or wax poetic over the cloudless sky embracing the jagged edges of the cliffs along the St. Croix River, sun gleaming and squinting off the steel-covered rock. I could tell you about the angry emu and Spotted Cow and rhinestones and Magnetic Fields songs. I could go on and on about the performance by Circus Juventas in the middle of the reception or the fairy wing making station and zip line strung in trees deep in the woods, begging for bravery, born or from beer. All of it would be true and real and descriptive. But Aaron and Rainy’s wedding day was so much bigger than adverbs and euphemisms and trite soliloquies. It was all the things we read too often on wedding blogs – perfect and beautiful and filled to bursting with so. much. love. But it was also so much more than that. It truly was a gathering of hearts – of souls collected and curated carefully over years and miles and rivers and roads – together in the middle of nowhereseville Wisconsin on Rainy’s dad’s hobby farm. A handful of people closest to the couple, showering them in love and splendor and joy and dancing and all the things we feel when we close our eyes and hold our face to the sun.


This was Rhiannon + Aaron’s wedding day.