let it snow | brynn andre | editorial

November 28th, 2012

This job has provided me with so many opportunities to meet amazing and incredible people – and sometimes, the stars align and I get to work with them. One such individual – whom fortune brought into my life this past summer – is Brynn Andre. She is incredibly talented – both as a makeup artist as well as a singer-songwriter ¬†– and when she asked if I’d be up for a little editorial shoot for her winter EP “Let It Snow” I couldn’t say no. Winter had not yet fallen in Minnesconsin at the time of our session – so we made winter come to us, and had an absolute blast in the process. Go pick up Brynn’s EP by clicking here, and check out her awesome review on the City Pages Blog!


beauty collective | fall 2012

November 26th, 2012

The women in these photographs are exquisite. Remarkable. Brave. Strong. These women are you. Me. The woman behind the register at Target. Your best friend’s cousin. Your sister. A stranger you pass in the library. But most importantly, just like the rest of us, they are beautiful women struggling to overlook their imperfections and insecurities.

And they are the faces behind the  most recent installment of the Beauty Collective.

To learn more about the Beauty Collective – and the meaning and message behind it- Please read this post. If you’re a photographer interested in shooting your own Collective, please contact me!

To the women in this Collective: Brooke, Nadia, Kari, Tina, Lara, Terra, Annika, and Rachael – Thank you. For being a part of this project of mine . This Collective is so dear to my heart and I’m honored that you wanted to participate in it. You are all amazing women and I hope that in these images you are able to see your true selves -and that you find a deeper appreciation for all of the unique and wonderful things that make each of you so beautifully you.



one frame | brynn andre

November 18th, 2012